Can You Replace a Roof in Winter?

roofWe had one of the most gorgeous falls in years, but since the holidays temperatures have fallen. Several severe rainstorms have inundated the area, and many families have found they need roof repair in Tyler and DFW. If your roof has a leak, you can’t wait until spring to replace it. The best roofing contractors don’t just want to sell their services, they want to make sure the job is done well. Here’s what you need to consider if you need a roof replacement in winter.

Experience is Paramount

It’s always a bad idea to hire a roofer without much experience. During extremely cold weather, crews face challenges like the following:

  • Cold weather numbs fingers and toes. Because they need dexterity, roofers can’t wear heavy gloves.
  • Worn shingles are slick under any circumstance.
  • Add ice or water and they are even more hazardous.High on a roof, there’s little to break the wind. Freezing temperatures lower morale, and only dedicated experts refuse to cut corners to finish the job faster.

Roofing requires a wide range of tools. Cold weather affects compressors and nail guns. Installers with extensive training plan ahead, but inexperienced workers might under or over drive nails for a reduced quality installation.

Experienced roofers can still do a top-notch job replacing your roof, but be sure to select a contractor who carries a comprehensive insurance policy. If something goes wrong, both the workers and your property will be protected.


Cold Impacts Roof Replacement Materials

Shingles can be installed on days when the temperature is below freezing, but it’s only recommended in an emergency. Asphalt shingles are oil-based, and in the winter, they get brittle. They are more likely to break or crack during installation, so your contractor will have to use more materials to complete the job.truck

Shingles also come with a self-sealing strip, a line of adhesive that warms in the sun and seals them in place. Activation temperatures depend on the manufacturer, so some shingles might be more likely to blow off if they’re installed in the cold. Well trained crews are willing to hand-seal shingles if it’s too cold for them to self-seal.

East Texas Has Warmer Days

While several days lately haven’t climbed above freezing, you’ve probably seen the jokes about weather in East Texas. One day there’s freezing rain and the next you can wear flip flops. It doesn’t have to be 70 degrees outside for a successful roof replacement. In most cases, customers can wait a few days for the temperature to rise and eliminate cold weather concerns.

If you need a roofing contractor for your home or business you can count on Advantage Roofing Company to make you top priority. Winter is the most important time to make sure your roof is protected. Contact us for a free analysis today.