6 Tips for Roof Repair After a Storm

sizedRecent storms inundated roofs with driving wind and torrential sheets of rain. With plenty of winter still ahead, there’s a potential for roof damage all over Tyler and Dallas. If a tree falls on your roof or your home gets hit by a tornado, the destruction is obvious, but all severe weather presents a risk. Here’s what you need to know about roof damage after a storm.

Stay on the Ground

Climbing around on the roof to look for broken shingles isn’t just dangerous, it’s unnecessary. It’s possible to spot the signs of storm damage from the ground. If you have roof damage, you’re going to have to call a professional anyway, so save yourself the trouble and the risk.

sizedfinalInspect Your Exterior

If wind or hail damaged your roof, they most likely impacted other parts of your property. Check for hail damage by looking at your mailbox, downspouts and the top of your outdoor air conditioning unit. If hail made telltale dents in those surfaces, there are probably more on your roof. High wind, driving rain and hail all wear away shingle granules. Look in your downspouts to see if you find tiny pieces that washed away.

Examine Your Roof

Look for areas where shingles are missing. Grab a pair of binoculars and examine the metal strips around your chimney and any other roof protrusions. Check valleys and outer edges for areas that look damaged.

Check Your Attic

If shingles blew off or the storm damaged your roof, water might have entered your home. Inspect your attic in daylight so you can see anywhere sun shines through. Check for water discoloration on decking and support beams. Peeling paint or mold also signals a problem with moisture.sized3

Take Notes and Photos

If you find evidence of damage, repair will most likely be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Start preparing for your claim by noting the date the storm occurred and taking photos of the damage. Before you clean up fallen limbs or shingles that blew into your yard, gather evidence you can show your adjuster.

Call a Roofing Expert

Advantage Roofing Company offers free roof evaluations, so if you see signs of roof damage, it won’t cost you anything to talk to an expert. A trusted professional can advise you on whether you need repair or replacement and provide the information you need to submit your claim. They can also provide photos and written assessments that support speedy claim processing.

Advantage Roofing Company’s seasoned contractors will help reinforce your roof after a storm and help you choose the best materials for repairs. Contact one of our roofing contractors in Tyler or Dallas for roof repair today.