Improve Your Bottom Line with Commercial Roofing Maintenance

A commercial roofing maintenance plan slows aging, simplifies long-term planning and protects your investment. Find out why it’s so important to have your roof maintained by a Tyler or Dallas roofing professional.  Picture1

Have you ever walked in a business in Dallas or Tyler and noticed the roof was leaking? What was your impression? You probably noticed the employees seemed embarrassed. You may have smelled moisture and mildew and almost certainly left with a negative impression.

Even if your roof isn’t leaking, it’s under continual assault by the elements. Getting set up on a commercial roofing maintenance plan with an East Texas roofing company makes it last longer, look better, and improves your bottom line.


Commercial Roofing Maintenance Slows Aging

While wine and antique furniture improve with age, your building’s roof does not. All East Texas roofs are exposed around the clock to the following:

  • Wind – Gusty days can lift shingle edges, leaving the area underneath vulnerable to water penetration. The wind blows leaves, dirt and bits of debris that constantly scour at your roof, wearing it away a little at a time.
  • Rain – Anywhere water collects, it’s known as ponding. Water weighs around five pounds per inch, and that additional weight causes deterioration. Ponding intensifies sunlight like a magnifying glass and draws debris that makes your roof look unattractive.
  • Sun – Ultraviolet light and extreme East Texas heat degrade surfaces.
  • Trees – Low hanging branches can fall and do serious damage. Falling leaves clog gutters and create roof drainage problems.

Regular roofing maintenance is like your annual medical exam. It checks for the most common issues no matter what the age of your roof and fixes them before they turn into a major problem, keeping your roof ready for whatever nature throws its way.


Commercial Roofing Maintenance Protects Your Investment


 Your property is a significant portion of your business investment. When your building’s roof was installed, you probably received a warranty on materials and labor. In many cases, you are required fulfil roof maintenance requirements for the installer to honor that warranty.

Most warranties require an annual roof inspection by an authorized contractor, because manufacturers know there’s no such thing as a small roofing problem. Warranties don’t make your roof last longer. Maintenance does.

During maintenance, the inspector will check seams, joints, corners and flashings. They’ll inspect attachment points and look for signs of leaks, pooling, missing shingles or other damage. They’ll make sure gutters and downspouts are clear of debris and advise you on any needed repairs.


Commercial Roofing Maintenance Simplifies Long-term Planning

If your roof needs repair, roof restoration can extend the life of your roof by up to 15 years. It can save you up to half the cost of a total roof replacement, and can take place in phases so your business doesn’t incur the total cost up front.

Eventually all roofs have to be replaced. As your roof nears the end of its lifespan, a maintenance plan ensures there aren’t any surprises.

A well cared for building is good for business. When customers see you take good care of your property, they feel you’re likely to take care of them. A commercial roofing maintenance plan protects the look and structural integrity of your business and keeps more of your hard-earned money in your accounts.

When you need a commercial roofing maintenance plan in Tyler or Dallas, call the experienced professionals you can trust. Find out how affordable it is when you contact Advantage Roofing today.