Severe Weather Ahead — What if a Tree Falls On Your Home?


Emergency Procedures if a Tree Falls On Your Home

This time of year East Texas and DFW seem to experience one wave of thunderstorms after another. Recent severe weather knocked out power and caused hail damage throughout the area. We talked about hail and wind damage in our article 6 Tips for Roof Repair After a Storm, but some types of roof damage are especially severe. We hope you never experience the damage caused by a falling tree. Here’s what you should know in case it does.

First Steps in an Emergency

It’s a good idea to have a plan for handling severe weather emergencies just like you create one for fire evacuation. Talk with your spouse and children ahead of time so you know what you might experience and know what steps to take. Physically run through what you’ll do like you would with a fire drill so everyone has experience going through the motions under stress.

People who have experienced a tree falling on their home say it sounds like guns going off. When high winds assault aging trees, they fall fast and hard. Wood cracks and the tree might come through a ceiling or wall.

When it happens, it’s normal to feel shock. The first step is to make sure everyone is physically okay. Expect disorientation and confusion.

Limbs falling on the roof may just create a leak, but if a tree falls or you have any reason to suspect structural compromise, get yourself and your family out immediately. If your exit is blocked or you don’t feel safe going outside in severe weather, call for emergency assistance. Fallen power lines also create an emergency situation, so call the police and your electric service provider.

After the Storm

Sometimes if their home’s exterior is compromised East Texans don’t think to secure the rest of their home. If you leave, lock the door and make sure windows are secure. Unfortunately thieves won’t stay out just because there’s roof damage. If it’s safe to enter the property, take valuables with you or secure them.

Don’t try to remove the tree or start repairs yourself. Not only is it dangerous, you could create problems with your insurance claim if you don’t follow their procedures. Contact a tree professional and an East Texas roofing contractor or DFW roofing contractor.

The best East Texas roofing contractors will help evaluate the damage and protect your home while you plan your next steps. They may cover exposed surfaces with tarps and start on any needed structural repairs so you can return home as soon as possible.

If it’s safe, take photos and video as soon as possible and throughout the process. Note the date and time of the storm and anything else that was damaged. Our experts can help when it comes to filing your insurance claim, a service our clients say is especially helpful in emergency situations.

How to Reduce Your Risk

Healthy trees are much less likely to fall. This time of year there’s going to be severe weather. If you have a tree that has been showing signs of decay or decline, now is the time to have it removed. Prune your healthy trees to remove overhanging branches and keep the rest healthy. Mulch and water during hot, dry months to build healthy roots.

East Texas and DFW Roofing Experts

At Advantage Roofing, the top of your property really is our top priority. If you have storm damage or if you just have roofing questions, contact us to speak with an expert.