Is Your Roof in Danger From Your Trees?

3 Ways Your Trees Can Destroy Your Roof


Trees beautify a property. They give shade during long summer days to reduce your heating and cooling costs and make it bearable to be outside. For the most part, trees are good.

However, they can destroy your roof, and the damage often occurs silently and without warning.

When you bought your home in Tyler, DFW or the surrounding areas, the healthy, mature trees might have been part of the reason you felt like the property was welcoming. Over time you watched the leaves turn brilliant colors in the fall, bare branches wave in the cold and fresh green emerge every spring. What you may not have noticed is how your trees have changed and how they may be creating problems for your East Texas roofing.


Leaves and Pine Needles

It’s windy this time of year, and that wind blows leaves and pine needles off trees. They collect on your roof and in your gutters. When they pile up on your roof, they catch and hold the rain.

That sodden mess traps moisture that can seep through your shingles, creating problems beneath. You don’t have to climb up on your roof and remove every leaf that falls, but don’t let huge piles build up. Make sure to clean debris out of your gutters regularly so rainwater flows through freely.



Low Branches

Next time you pull up in your driveway, take a minute to examine the trees close to your home. Shade is great, but overhanging branches are a problem homeowners need to eliminate as soon as possible. Keep about 10 feet between any tree branches and your home so there’s no chance of dead limbs falling on it.

Lowe’s, Home Depot and Harbor Freight usually have pretty decent pricing on pole saws so you can remove those branches from the ground. Look at it this way – you can honestly justify buying that power tool because it’s necessary to keep your home safe.

Overhanging branches aren’t just a danger if they fall. On windy days branches scrape shingles, wearing away asphalt and gravel particles so your roofing materials degrade faster. Branches also shed leaves and twigs that build up on your roof and in your gutters. Spend this Saturday eliminating the threat and your roof will thank you.




Unhealthy Trees

The biggest threat to your roof is unhealthy trees close to your home. A falling tree can damage more than just your roof, it can destroy your entire home and threaten the people inside. We’ve written a post on emergency procedures if a tree falls on your home.

This weekend conduct a tree inventory. Look for trees that have branches that didn’t come back this year or parts that seem to be rotting. Schedule professional removal of that tree you’ve been worried about for a while. It’s expensive, but there are objects and people in most Tyler and DFW homes that can’t be replaced.



Ask an East Texas Roofing Contractor

If you’re concerned about the damage trees might be doing to your home, you don’t have to wonder. Call the experienced roofing contractors in Tyler and DFW for a free roofing evaluation today.