Treat Your Home to These Roof Replacement Upgrades



Most Tyler and DFW homeowners only deal with a roof replacement once or twice in a lifetime. A lot of research goes into it because it’s a major investment. You look into the best roofing contractor, most durable roofing materials and top safety concerns when it comes to re-roofing. These upgrades are easy to include during your roof replacement and can improve the energy efficiency, lifespan and even looks of your new roof.


Seamless Gutters With Leaf Protection


If you’re replacing your roof, your home probably wasn’t built in the last decade. Older homes have older gutters that may have become bent, rusted and inefficient. They look bad and they’re hard to keep clean.


Advantage Roofing installs seamless gutters made of vinyl, aluminum or copper. They come in one piece, so they look better and leak less. Add a guard or screen to keep out leaves and pine needles so you don’t have to drag out a ladder twice a year for gutter cleaning.


Energy Efficient Shingles


In the past experts said to make homes more energy efficient by using light colored roofing materials. That didn’t always have the look homeowners were going for. Improved roofing technology provides people in Tyler and Dallas with choices that look good and help beat the heat. Shingles with heat-reflective properties bounce the sun’s rays away instead of allowing them to penetrate your attic.


With roofing materials from GAF and Certainteed, we have literally hundreds of shingles to choose from. If you’re curious what’s available for you, send your questions through our contact form or message us on Facebook.


Replace Your Chimney Cap


The chimney cap is just what it sounds like – that metal covering that keeps rain and critters out of your house and keeps fireplace embers from drifting out onto your roof. Traditional chimney caps have a metal screen that keeps birds and squirrels from crawling in, but they also allow energy to escape.


Talk to your roofing professional about installing an airtight chimney cap. They allow you to open them when in use and the rest of the time they keep regulated temperature air inside your home and everything else out.




Designer Shingles


Completely transform the look of your home with shingles that mimic cedar shake or come with scalloped edges for a look that’s truly unique. Browse just a few of the choices we offer online or stop by to see samples in person. Here’s where we have locations:


  • Tyler
  • Rockwall
  • Plano
  • Longview
  • Prosper
  • Austin


Roofing Upgrade Experts


When you contact us for a free roofing analysis, we’ll sit down with you and talk about what goes with your home’s architectural style and exterior siding. We offer financing options that can make roofing upgrades affordable on almost any budget. Get in touch to find out more.