Why DIY Roofing is a Bad Idea



Between YouTube and Pinterest, there’s an explanation on how to do just about anything. However, DIY roofing is never a good idea unless you’re a professional roofing contractor.

When you’re planning home improvement projects save money by applying your own paint, power washing your fences, planning your own landscaping and any other project that keeps your feet on the ground. Here’s why.


You Could Get Hurt or Killed

Roofing is one of the top 10 most dangerous occupations in America. Time Magazine published an article that said for every 100,000 professional roofers, there were more than 48 fatal injuries in a year and 101 deaths.

That’s just professional roofers who died. It doesn’t include injuries, workers under 16 years of age, homeowners, volunteer helpers or resident military.

When the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) analyzed 33 years’ worth of construction worker deaths, they found 42 percent of those deaths involved falls from a high place. The National Safety Council says over 6,000 Americans die annually from falls, most of the time from a roof or ladder while trying to perform maintenance or repairs.

DIY roofing is a bad idea because you could end up in the hospital or dead. It isn’t worth the risk.


It Will Probably Cost More than Hiring an East Texas Roofing Company

Many people try DIY roofing because a new roof is one of the biggest expenses homeowners ever have to pay. They hope to save on labor by installing new shingles and other roofing themselves. Usually it costs more.

If you attempt a repair, you could void your existing roofing warranty. Over-shingling creates a roof that’s heavier and has previous problems trapped under the weight. A roof that isn’t properly anchored can be destroyed by wind.

Professional roofers take extra care around vents, chimneys, skylights and other vulnerable areas. Homeowners who don’t know those steps might leave their home open to the elements.


Your Roof Might Look Like…A DIY Roof Job

Roofing isn’t easy. If your roof looks like a patchwork quilt, you decrease its value. If there are bulges or sagging areas, curb appeal drops even if you don’t have leaks. If you do, you’re looking at unsightly and expensive interior repairs.

At Advantage Roofing Company, we help you find quality materials at an affordable price. Our financing options give you 60 months of payments with zero interest with approved credit. Our professional contractors know how to install your roof safely and with minimal waste. Don’t be tempted to try DIY roofing. Call for a free roof analysis today.