How We Keep Our Roofing Contractors Safe

roofing safety Tyler Tx

We’ve recently provided articles on why roofing isn’t a do-it-yourself job and the extreme danger involved in roofing. If you read those, you might wonder why on earth anyone would choose roofing as a profession?

At Advantage Roofing safety is top priority. We’re GAF certified, which means we install extreme high quality shingles. It also means our roofing contractors undergo continual training in roofing best practices. Some of the things they learn during training are as follows:

Keep the Work Area Safe

Our roofing contractors prioritize safety by keeping the work area clean and organized. Before we start we check for dangers like power lines and unsafe access areas. We make sure danger zones are inaccessible to children and pets. We communicate with you what to expect and how to keep your family and property safe during the entire process.

Prevent Falls

A large percentage of roofing fatalities happen when someone falls. Even a seasoned roofing contractor is at risk. All our employees follow these rules:

  • Wear high traction footwear
  • Use safety harnesses and other safety equipment while working
  • Practice ladder safety at all times by always setting it on solid, level footing, maintaining at least three points of ladder contact etc.
  • Remove ladders and scaffolding when not in use to prevent access by children and pets
  • Use extra caution around skylights
  • Avoid working on wet surfaces

Avoid Electrical Hazards

In October of last year, a man was hospitalized for electric shock. He wasn’t on the roof, he was just standing next to a truck crane. The crane’s boom came into contact with an overhead power line and the resulting arc hit him. When it’s necessary to work near electricity, we do so with extreme caution.

Our employees use non-conductive ladders and avoid touching wires with hands or tools. We keep metal roofing materials like flashing and drip edges at a safe distance.

Train For Safe Tool Use

Our roofing contractors also receive training in the proper way to use the tools of the trade. We wear eye protection to guard ourselves against flying debris.

We regularly inspect tools like hammers for damaged parts. Nail guns are regularly lubricated and inspected. Training also includes best practices for utility knives and materials handling.

Please understand, this is by no means a checklist for safe roofing. We regularly invest hours in employee training and thousands in safety equipment. Our goal is to provide high-quality roofs for East Texas home and business owners and at the end of the day to send our roofing professionals home safe.

When you want the job done right by someone who prioritizes safety, call Advantage Roofing. Schedule your free roof evaluation online today.