Decorating Your East Texas Roof for Halloween

halloween roof decorating

If it ever stops raining you might be thinking about decorating your East Texas roof for Halloween. Before you start adding lights, giant spiders and massive cobwebs, plan your approach. Our tips will help you get the job done safely and without damaging your roof.

Don’t Work Alone

Any time you’re doing work you can’t reach from the ground, there’s an element of danger involved. Enlist another adult to act as a second set of hands. They can hand you things, hold your ladder to make sure it stays steady and get help if something goes wrong.

Inspect Your Roof First

If you’re going to be attaching lights to your roofline or installing something on its surface, check for damage first. Loose shingles could cause you to slip. A weakened substructure could cave under your weight. If you’re not sure what shape your roof is in, Advantage Roofing provides free, no obligation roofing evaluations. Just give us a call or fill out our online contact form and we’ll check it out at your convenience.

Planning Your Project

Make sure you have everything gathered before you get started. Unroll any lights you’re installing and make sure the cords don’t show any signs of damage or wear. Plug them in to make sure all the bulbs light up before you go to the trouble of installing them. Read package instructions for that 14-foot giant spider on a web or towering ghoul to see what tools or equipment you’ll need that didn’t come with the decoration.

Use a Safe Ladder

Don’t use that rickety wooden ladder that has been in your back yard shed for years. Instead choose one that’s taller than what you need to reach and made of aluminum or fiberglass.

Simple Decorating Ideas

If you want your house to look creepier and more original than any other home on the block, here are some of our favorite decorating ideas:

  • Abandoned and Haunted — Criss-cross some old, discolored 2 x 4 boards across your windows like your house is deserted. Wal-Mart and Target in the Tyler, Longview and Dallas area sell cobwebs you can spread over the roof, windows and bushes. Add an artificial tombstone in the front yard and you’re done.
  • Floating Ghosts — Skip the roof altogether and stay safe on the ground. Draw ghoulish faces on white balloons using a large black marker. Drape gauze over them and hang them from trees for spooky ghosts that sway in the wind.
  • Escaping Skeletons — If you have a second floor window, buy a few skeletons and stage a rooftop drama. Check out this example on Pinterest.

At Advantage Roofing, we wish all our Tyler, Longview and DFW customers a safe and happy Halloween. We’d love to see your roof decorating ideas. Feel free to share them on our Facebook page!