Roofing 101 — What Your New Roof Includes


At Advantage Roofing, we install GAF lifetime roofing systems for home and business owners in Tyler, Longview and DFW. We’ve been doing it for years now, but we’re still pretty impressed with this manufacturer’s superior products and technology. If you’re having us install a new GAF roof, here’s what you’re getting.

Careful Preparation

First, Advantage Roofing contractors remove the old roofing and clean the roof deck. We’ll inspect every area and make any repairs you need. Then we start installation.

Superior Attic Ventilation

The right type of attic ventilation cuts down on the amount of heat and moisture that can build up in your attic. That makes your home more energy efficient. Plus, heating and air conditioning systems last longer because they don’t have to work as hard to fight seasonal extremes.

Depending on your roof, ventilation might include rotary wind turbines, roof louvers, aluminum or plastic ridge vents, hip vents and more.

Roof Deck Protection

Your roof deck is the support for your roofing material. When we install a roof, we add an impermeable layer of protection between your deck and roof. This fiberglass-reinforced protection keeps the wind from driving moisture between shingles and damaging support structures beneath. Plus, our leak barrier stops leaks from rain and ice dams.

Starter Strip Shingles

We start your shingle installation with starter strip shingles at the eaves. They include an adhesive that when properly positioned, lock your roofing materials into place. When strong winds roar through East Texas, your shingles stay put.

Beautiful Shingles

Most people think of a roof as just functional, but our shingles are both beautiful and designed to last. We offer affordable 3-tab roofing shingles, designer roofing shingles and Timberline roofing shingles.

The Finishing Touch – Ridge Cap Shingles

Our specially-designed roof cap shingles protect your roof line and rakes. They also add dimension, depth and texture, so your roof looks much more refined than it would with plain cut-up roof shingles.

The double-layered design is pleasing to the eye and keeps moisture from penetrating. They come with the same lifetime warranty as your other shingles and come in all the same color options.

GAF’s Roofing Warranty

When you have us install GAF lifetime shingles and at least three qualifying GAF accessories, you get their¬†extensive warranty on what you purchase. Your warranty is backed by this continent’s largest roofing product manufacturer. You gain the peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a roof that protects your family and your property investment.¬†See an extensive breakdown of your warranty choices on their website.

When we install your roof, what you get is as solid, reliable and durable as they come. If you want to know more about what we offer, contact us online or call (866)454-7882.