Roof Design Ideas for Tyler and DFW

You probably didn’t give a lot of thought to roof design until you started planning your new home. In the initial phase, individuals often drive around and look at other homes to get roof design ideas for Tyler and DFW. It’s so much more than just the top of your house. The roof gives your home personality. Here are some of your choices.

Gabled Roof

This is the most basic type of roof when you’re designing a home. If your house is going to be a simple ranch-style, narrow row house or steep A-frame, this choice might be for you. It’s basically two diagonal planes that meet at a central ridge. The eaves, or parts of the roof that hang over the edge extend on two sides. It’s often one of the most cost-effective roof types because of its simplicity.

Hipped Roof

When you see a roof that has a ridge at the top, but the roof slopes down in four or more directions, you’re probably looking at a hipped roof. On this style of roof, the eaves typically go all the way around. That’s great when you want shade or rain cover all the way around. A hipped roof does well in the Tyler and DFW area because we have seasonal high winds.

Gambrel Roof

Depending on the angles, this one makes people think either of a barn or a Dutch cottage. It’s all angles, with a top triangular piece, then two more lines that flare out from there.

Gambrel Roof

Gambrel Roof From Flickr: Creative Commons

Mansard Roof

This roof design idea for Tyler and DFW has similar planes and angles to a Gambrel roof, but a much different feel. It’s a French-inspired architectural design that can be either simple or complex. It has four slopes, two on each side of the home. The top portion can be flat or involve additional peaks. It’s great for adding living space on a second floor.

From Flickr: Creative Commons

From Flickr: Creative Commons

Saltbox Roof

A lot of Tyler and DFW homes feature this asymmetrical style. Sometimes a saltbox roof is very similar to a gabled roof, one side is just longer than the other. Other times it’s made of two gabled roofs that come together along a ridge line. Usually one triangle is bigger than the other, which adds architectural interest. The steep angle is great for runoff, but sometimes creating that angle eats up attic storage space.

M-Shaped Roof

This roof design idea is exactly what it sounds like — two gabled roof portions of equal size in a row. If this is what you want, choose your roofing contractor carefully. Because the pattern meets in the middle, design and construction is especially important for proper runoff.

Clerestory Roof

Sometimes individuals want to let in more natural light, but they’re not concerned about seeing out windows. A clerestory roof is like a gabled roof, but the sloping sides meet vertical walls at different heights, typically to allow for a high row of windows. The design style goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, but it still looks modern.

New Construction Roofing in Tyler and DFW

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