Huge Roofing Mistakes That Will Cost You a Bundle

Tyler DFW roofing

So you’re either planning a DFW or Tyler roof installation or you need a roofing contractor for roof repair. Either way you’re probably not looking forward to the headache or the expense. At Advantage Roofing, we work around your schedule and handle all the details to keep the headache to a minimum, our prices are competitive and we even offer GreenSky financing to help make that new roof more affordable. Not all East Texas roofing contractors offer the same professionalism.

Amateurs or roofing contractors who cut corners make mistakes that will cost you money. Unfortunately we see it again and again when a homeowner calls us to re-do something they just paid for. Only too often shoddy workmanship doesn’t just mean we have to start over. Sometimes the homeowner has a leak and needs extensive repairs to water-damaged interiors. Here are a few of the most common mistakes we see.

Incorrectly Installed Shingles

When homeowners attempt their own roofing installation or they hire a “jack of all trades” to do the job, sometimes they start off with a huge problem. Correct installation starts with a “starter” section along the eaves to keep water from seeping under sheathing. If it’s missing, you’ll have a problem.

Sometimes amateurs also skimp on nails. We use the correct amount of roofing nails for the grade, and we always place them below the self-sealing strip so we aren’t puncturing this important component of your shingle’s anatomy.

Too Little Slope

Roofs have a pitch for a reason — it allows water to drain off. If a contractor doesn’t create sufficient slope, water stands on the roof and eventually seeps through. Decking also needs to be protected from the elements with moisture barriers, shingles or other roofing material.

Other design mistakes include chimneys that stand in the way of water flow and complex rooflines that keep water from shedding.

Flashing Mistakes

The metal flashing acts as a moisture barrier on roof valleys and around areas like chimneys and skylights. Sometimes during a roof replacement, roofers add new shingles, but they put your old flashing back on. Even if it still looks okay, a new roof should come with new flashing. If we do the job, that’s the way we always work. If you use someone else, make sure new flashing is part of their plan.

Another common mistake occurs when amateurs install flashing the wrong way. If they don’t line it up correctly, they don’t attach it properly or they don’t overlap it with other roofing material, it might not do its job.

Poor Ventilation

Dallas, Tyler, Longview and other parts of East Texas are humid pretty much all year long. In the summer, outside temperatures soar to 100 degrees and above, while the temperature inside your home is probably in the 70s. In winter we have some pretty severe dips. Those temperature differences inside and outside make correct ventilation especially important. Advantage Roofing uses high quality roofing materials and expert knowledge to make sure there’s not excessive moisture buildup due to poor ventilation.

Improper Patching

If your roof leaks, don’t try to DIY a solution. It’s hard to find the source of a leak, and improper patching can lead to an even bigger problem.

When you need roof repair or a roof replacement in the Tyler, Longview or DFW area, call the experts you can trust. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation roof analysis today.