Gutter Guide — Frequently Asked Questions


The right kind of gutters properly installed will make entering and exiting your home more comfortable. Even more importantly, they keep your siding, windows, doors and foundation from water damage. In this article, we answer some of the gutter questions we hear most often from Advantage Roofing customers.

How important are gutters?

If your roof slopes, you need gutters. When it rains, water runs off in the direction of the slope and flows in whatever direction gravity pulls it. If you don’t have gutters, heavy East Texas rains will pound the earth next to your home or business. It will wear away soil, kill landscaping and threaten your foundation.

You’ve probably seen buildings without gutters where water has eroded channels around the exterior. Every time it rains, those depressions get deeper. Water collects around the foundation and can begin to seep in.

Think about how wet the ground has been the past month. It rains so frequently that water doesn’t have time to evaporate. We’ve also had nights where temperatures dipped below freezing. That water turns to ice next to foundations and creates pressure that can crack concrete.

Gutters direct all that water away from your home or business so landscaping, soil and foundations stay safe. Gutters are extremely important.

What if I think my gutters are damaged?

Like everything else about your home, gutters are exposed to the elements. Over time they experience wear and tear, and some damage keeps them from doing their job. Check them periodically for these signs they need to be repaired or replaced.

  • Gaps between connecting parts
  • Cracks or cuts in gutters
  • Standing water in gutter sections
  • Gutters that sag or pull away from your roofline
  • Rust or mold on your gutters or mold growing near gutters that indicates frequent moisture
  • Erosion around your home where gutters aren’t functioning properly

Should I add gutters when building a home?

If we lived in a desert climate, gutters would be optional. Tyler, Longview and Dallas experience torrential rain and other extreme weather patterns. If you’re planning new construction, include gutters in your initial design plans to protect your long-term investment.

What about gutters on commercial roofing?

Gutters might be even more important on commercial roofing than they are to East Texas homes. Businesses are typically larger structures and foundation damage repair is more expensive. Plus, if the rain is pouring off your roof, customers aren’t going to wade through it to come inside and do business with you.

What does it cost to have gutters installed by Advantage Roofing?

We offer several choices when it comes to gutters and gutter materials. Our k-style seamless gutters are made of vinyl, aluminum or copper and come in a wide range of colors. Our experienced roofing contractors in Tyler and the DFW Metroplex can give you straightforward, no-hassle pricing when you get in touch.