Roofing Color Choices — How to Pick The Best


Your roof counts for up to 40 percent of your home’s visible exterior. It has a huge impact on how your home looks. When people in Tyler, Longview and DFW are thinking through roofing choices for new home construction or refreshing their home’s exterior, they often wonder if they should go with a color besides the standard asphalt black.

It makes sense to take some time thinking through this design element. You carefully weigh your options for siding, brick, windows, doors, shutters and trim. Your roof color choice will have just as much impact on your curb appeal and home resale value. Here are a few things to consider, plus a chart to help you match your home’s exterior to your shingles.

Color Impacts Attic Temperatures

East Texas is hot in the summer. There’s just no getting around it. The color of your roof impacts the temperature in your attic. Like you’ve always heard, dark colors absorb heat while light colors reflect it. Black shingles will make your attic hotter in the summer than tan ones will. Depending on your attic ventilation, insulation and other factors, it could cost you more to cool your home in the summer. If you want dark shingles, talk to your roofing contractor about how to keep out the excess heat.

Check HOA or Neighborhood Rules

Before you set your heart on a roof color, check to see if there are any restrictions. Some parts of Tyler, Longview and DFW have rules about what materials you can and can’t use on your home’s exterior. The idea is to keep your roof from clashing with your neighbor’s roof so the subdivision has a harmonious feel. Just because it’s possible to install a metal roof in a bright color doesn’t mean your neighbors will be okay with it.

Match Roof Color With Other Exterior Elements

Choose a roof color that’s in line with your home’s architectural style. It also helps if you color coordinate with other exterior elements. If your stone and trim are grey and black, look at shingles in the same color family. If your siding and brick are cream and brown, your home will look better with roofing in complimentary colors.

Include your back yard in your planning. When you’re outside on your deck, relaxing by the pool or sitting in your outdoor living area, you’ll see your roof. What color are you staining your deck? What stone or brick did you choose for your outdoor fireplace? What shingle colors will create a harmonious outdoor feel?

If your home’s exterior is…..Choose these roof colors

If your home’s exterior is red brick or siding, choose a roof that is black, grey, green or dark brown. If your house is predominantly light grey, it will look best with roofing materials that are grey, black, green, blue or white.

A beige or cream colored exterior looks great with roofing materials in black, grey, green, blue or brown. If your home is mostly an earthier brown, install a roof that’s grey, brown, green or blue. A white home looks good with almost any color roof. If you have a log cabin or rustic wood exterior, install a roof that’s brown, green, black or grey.