Texas Roofing Scammer Sentenced to 8 Years

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Every few months one of the East Texas news agencies does a story on roofing scams. It’s a problem in our area, one that really makes us cringe. It’s unfortunate when crooks make a bad name for professional roofing contractors. We really hate when we hear someone has lied to people when they’re at their most vulnerable. The roofing scam we heard about this week illustrates just how serious roofing scams can be.

Arlington Man Receives Prison Time

This week Patrick Jenkins of Arlington Texas received eight years in prison for scamming more than 40 homeowners. The court also ordered him to pay more than $230,000 in restitution. His sentence was part of a plea deal once Jenkins pleaded guilty to theft.

According to authorities, Jenkins contacted people in the Dallas area through his roofing company, SOS Roofing. When victims hired him, he asked for money up front.

Jenkins sent employees door-to-door to advertise his services and collect a down payment, then said he would start work within the week. He kept the money, but didn’t deliver on his promises.

Other Texas Roofing Scams

Roofing scams happen all over our area, and they occur more frequently than you might think. This time of year scammers are especially active since severe weather frequently sweeps through and homeowners find themselves in need of roofing repairs.

Around this time last year the Mount Pleasant Police Department issued an official warning that scammers were on the prowl after a large hail storm.

Last summer the City of Carrollton issued a warning to residents that roofers were going door to door after a hail storm, and some of them were running a scam. Outside of our area, news agencies report roofing scams in Lubbock, Houston, San Antonio and the rest of the state.

Top Way to Avoid Roofing Scams

We talked about how scammers operate and suggested several ways to protect yourself in an earlier article, but here’s what we want to emphasize. When you hire a roofing contractor, the best way to not get taken is to check their references.

Hire a local company that has been in business. Read their online reviews. If they’ve been a part of the Tyler, Longview and Dallas community for years, and they consistently provide expert roofing work, they’re not going to take your money and run. It’s the so-called roofing contractors who don’t have a local business address and who come out of nowhere you have to worry about. If they don’t have an established local presence, it’s easy for them to disappear.

At Advantage Roofing, we have a history of providing expert roofing in Tyler, Longview and the DFW area. When you need a trustworthy roofing contractor, call us for a free roof analysis.