Re-roofing Basics


When a roof needs work, homeowners in Tyler, Longview and the DFW area put a lot of research into finding the best option. Finding a reliable roofing contractor is just the beginning. Next, you’ll have to choose the right roofing materials, read up on warranty coverage and choose between re-roofing and a complete roof replacement. There’s more than just money involved, but which ever way you go, you’re talking about a significant investment. We’ve put together re-roofing basics to help make your decision.

Re-Roofing vs. Roof Replacement

First, what’s the difference between re-roofing and a roof replacement? Sometimes re-roofing is called a layover. It’s basically installing another layer of shingles over what’s already on there. It’s cheaper than ripping everything off and starting over. The job also takes less time, since roofing contractors don’t have to tear off and haul away what’s already there.

With a roof replacement, roofing contractors tear off all the shingles, felt paper and everything else. If roof decking has damage, they replace it. It’s more work, so there’s more labor cost. It also requires more materials.

Which is Better?

If your roof just has one layer of shingles and no known problems, or if you’re just replacing shingles on one section of your roof, re-roofing might not be a bad option. If you have more than a single layer, a tear off is your only good option. Even if you find a roofer who will do it, it’s hard to get roofing nails to penetrate all the layers, so shingles won’t stay in place. If there are problems caused by condensation, moisture will just continue to build in those areas, eating away at decking and rafters.

If that’s the way you’re leaning, do your research and hire a trustworthy roofing company that has been in business for a while in your area. That’s a good idea no matter what kind of roofing work you’re having done, but especially when you’re talking about large areas of your home. If the roofing expert sees soggy or missing shingles, moss or mildew growth or other signs of water intrusion, he or she will probably recommend a roof replacement rather than a layover.

The problem with re-roofing is that you can’t see what’s underneath. If there’s a problem, you’re just piling more weight on top of areas that could already be compromised. With a total roof replacement, roofing contractors can see any problems while the shingles are off. Our teams come prepared to fix any problems so they install your new roofing materials on a firm foundation. The project takes a little longer, but it looks better and has greater longevity.

Your Free Roof Analysis

Our roofing experts are available to look at your roof, then talk you through your options. We’ll help you compare the cost of re-roofing against a total roof replacement. Plus, we’ll bring information on financing to help make your project more affordable. Schedule your free roof analysis online or give us a call at (903)939-3168.