Spring Cleaning for Your Roof

spring cleaning roof

In our part of Texas, the weather has changed for the better. Your yard is finally starting to dry out from the seemingly endless rain. The days are longer and the temperatures are mild. Everything just burst into bloom. If you’re like most people, you want to be outside.

There’s something satisfying about working on your home’s exterior in Spring. It feels good to use muscles you haven’t used in a while, to expose your skin to sunlight and get your hands a little dirty.

While you’re cleaning out flower beds and cutting the grass for the first time this year, why not give your roof some attention too? Help your roof look better and last longer with this Spring cleaning checklist.

Trim Back Trees

Overhanging limbs are a threat to your roof’s longevity. If they stretch over your roof, the wind from Spring storms whips them back and forth. They brush repeatedly across shingles, dislodging protective granules and sometimes the shingles themselves.

Spring is a good time to have your trees trimmed. The growing season is just starting and they’re not already heavy with leaves. Use a pole saw to reach them from the ground or hire a reputable tree trimming service.

Clear Away Debris

Leaves and pine needles may have dropped or blown on your roof all winter. Spring cleaning involves getting them off.

Stay safe by positioning your ladder close to debris on a solid surface. Ask a family member to steady it. Then use a rake to grab debris and gently remove it. A blower is also a good choice for roof debris removal.

Clean and Repair Gutters

Make sure your gutters are completely free of debris before the Spring rainy season. Walk all the way around your home and inspect gutters for loose nails, sagging sections or places your gutters have pulled away from your roof line.

Inspect Roof for Problems

It may be a while since you’ve really looked at your roof, and we had some severe weather in the last few months. Get a pair of binoculars and scan your roof carefully for missing shingles, dislodged flashing or other signs of roofing damage. Remember we’re always willing to do this for you. We provide roof evaluations as a free service to our community.

Check Your Attic

Before it gets too hot up there, climb into your attic and look at the underside of your roof decking. Sometimes during winter animals get in and make nests, creating holes where they shouldn’t be. Or, you might find signs of water intrusion you didn’t know about. Timely repair prevents further damage and may extend the lifespan of your roof.