Choosing Exterior Colors - Top Picks of 2020

As we enter the new decade, hopeful buyers are thinking ahead to their next major purchase. The spring is a time when many people look to buy or rent a new property. But whether you’re looking to sell your home, or simply increase your property value, you may want to think about your home’s exterior.

Whether it’s improving your old roof or applying a new coat of paint, there are a lot of benefits to updating your home’s exterior. It’s not just about increasing the monetary value of your home, but also making sure that your home feels like a home.

Whatever your reason for updating the exterior of your house, the trends are changing with the new decade. Check out these popular colors for 2020.

Roofing Colors

Say good-bye to dark colors, and hello to pale, natural colors for your roof this year. Regardless of material, these colors are sure to jazz up your neighborhood. Soft greens like glacial green or lagoon, warm blues like pacific wave or misty teal, taupe, beige and off-white are all in season right now.

Having a light-colored roof not only makes the exterior of your home feel more inviting, it also can keep the heat off your home by reflecting sunlight rather than absorbing it like many dark-colored roofs do. This is not only trendy, it also reduces your electric bill.

Exterior Colors

This year’s home exterior colors are headed more towards natural tones. Greens, greys, and some deep reds are at the top of the list, accented by sharp white gutters and corners.

  • Natural clay – This soft grey will look great alongside white trim. Combine it with pacific blue roof shingles for a bold, beautiful look that will leave your neighbors stunned.

  • Earthy green – Pool green or emerald are in season this year. Off-white or cream roofing would match magnificently.

  • Pear – A pale yellow or caramelized pear would go well with white accent colors. The white softens it for a sophisticated but welcoming look.

  • Deep red clay – A fiery autumn red looks beautiful with crisp white borders and a medium grey roof.

  • Olive – A mild olive would be sure to draw attention to your home, making you the envy of the block.

Perhaps it’s time for a new roof, or maybe it’s just time to put a new coat of paint on the house. Whatever your motives, updating your home has so many benefits. And Advantage Roofing can help. Our professional experts can administer a roof inspection for free with no obligations. If you would like to talk about updating your roof or replacing it entirely, we can give you an estimate. Contact us today to get started putting your brand new, beautiful roof in place.