Cashion Sikes

5 stars

I would give more stars if I could!! Every employee involved in my claim for my garage roof repair were top notch. From the get go, the staff on my doorstep day one, the employees in the office handling all the calls to my insurance, were 100% dedicated, efficient, as prompt as possible, considerate and knowledgeable about the whole dreaded process. Kind individuals working together towards a common goal-MY garage roof repair. Me…the person not a single one of them knows prior to ringing my doorbell one afternoon. Advantage was focused on: providing a quality product and service, customer satisfaction in that product and keeping me informed of all the steps along the way. Tim was fantastic- a truly kind person with the patience of a saint. All communication between myself and either my consultant Tim, was pleasant and informative. And quite frankly, they didn’t make me feel dumb for not knowing how to deal with the insurance company. IWhen in doubt, IF in doubt,..-don’t be. Use Advantage Roofing! They are allll nice and helpful..seriously-ALL of them! And yes-this is my honest, unsolicited opinion and recommendation!