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Tips for Addressing Your Leaky Roof This Winter

Winter is one of the worst times of year for leaks. As warm air escapes from your cozy home, cold air seeps inside. When water takes advantage of the tiny cracks formed in your roof from the relentless summer storms, it freezes, jarring the crack ...

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Things Nobody Tells You About Hail Damage and Insurance

When most people think of storm damage, they may picture a wild southern tornado ripping across the landscape or dark angry clouds gathering on the horizon. And while these events can be dangerous, hail damage is no small issue either. In fact, the ...

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How Roof Flashing Works

Shingles and roof tiles get a lot of attention. That might be because they make up most the visible surface of your roof. However, other less noticeable parts are just as important. Roof flashing is critical when it comes to keeping out water. If ...

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