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Roofing and Your Dallas HOA

The main purpose of a Dallas HOA is to make sure the neighborhoods they regulate maintain a certain type of appearance so property values stay high for everyone who lives there. Residents usually think that's great. You probably bought your home in p

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These 5 Features Make a New Roof More Expensive

If you're designing a home, the cost of new construction roofing is a huge consideration. No matter how much money people have, they usually tell us their wish list is bigger than their wallet. We hear a lot of questions about new roof costs and th

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Make Your New Roof More Affordable With GreenSky Financing

There’s a part of our job we don’t love. It isn’t the danger involved in roofing, we train for that and prioritize safety at every job. And while we don’t love the heat of summer, we’ve learned to stay hydrated. What we dislike about r

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