Tips for Addressing Your Leaky Roof This Winter

Winter is one of the worst times of year for leaks. As warm air escapes from your cozy home, cold air seeps inside. When water takes advantage of the tiny cracks formed in your roof from the relentless summer storms, it freezes, jarring the crack until it becomes a leak.

Look for Signs

When the cold weather hits, your roof could be at risk. Pre-existing problems – even tiny ones – can become significantly worse when you add freezing water. Look for these signs and address them quickly to avoid further damage.


Condensation in your warm attic should be an alarm bell. A common cause of condensation during the winter months is an improperly ventilated attic. Condensation could indicate that your attic ventilation system is working insufficiently, or needs to be updated or repaired. It may seem minor, but issues with the ventilation system could decrease your roof’s lifespan, leading to a premature replacement.


Icicles are a beautiful part of winter, but they are also hazardous to your roof. They’re heavy, weighing down the corners of the roof and tugging on the shingles, uprooting them from their attachment to the roof bed. This could lead to cracks in your roof, or even worse problems if the shingles come off completely.

It’s best to remove icicles before they become too large. When they form on the corners of your roof, knock them off before they become a problem. But be careful, large icicles can be dangerous. If they fall on you, they could cause injury.

Dripping Water

It may seem surprising, but small leaks are often overlooked by homeowners. They don’t seem like a problem at first, but they can lead to much more severe issues. Mold can grow around leaks, causing your roof to become unstable and even posing a health hazard to your family.

If you notice discoloration or warped surfaces in the structure of your home, it could indicate a leak. This problem should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your roof structure.

What to Do

These problems may seem scary, but that’s what we’re here for. If you find any of these problems in your home, try to address them immediately. Call your local professionals at Advantage Roofing and we’ll schedule your free inspection. That way, we can complete the repairs as soon as possible, so you can get back to living your best life. Contact us today to get started.